Sun Valley Mountain Huts

Hut rent guide


Hut rent Guide

A Hut Rent Guide is Required for first time users at any of the huts in the wintertime. Guides are optional for summer hut rentals.

The Hut Rent Guide will meet the group on the morning of their first day and lead the group into the hut. Once at the hut, the guide will teach the group about the hut functions and use of equipment as well as relay current snow stability/ski-ability information based on your group's experience (or trail conditions and suggestions for the summer).

After the hut orientation, the Hut Rent Guide will ski or hike away, leaving your group alone at the hut. Hut Rent Guides are an excellent resource for your group; not only will they take the guess work out of where the hut is (we have had people get lost!) but they are a great resource for local conditions and terrain and wonderful companions on the trail.  

Hut Rent Guides are not expected to carry your gear nor take the group recreational skiing, please inquire about our Porters and Ski Guides if you would like these services for your trip!


Hut Rent Guide fees are $300 for every hut except the Boulder Yurt which is $200.


Hut Rent Guides can also be combined with snowmobile or porter services for a special combined rate.  Sun Valley Would you like a ski guide for the duration of your trip? Learn about our partner guide outfitter here.


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