Sun Valley Mountain Huts

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The Sun Valley Trekking story

The Sun Valley Mountain Huts provides exceptional backcountry experiences to those who enjoy the climb, savor pristine snow and embrace wild landscapes. We empower our guests to experience the joys, challenges and rewards of journeying into the mountains.

Sun Valley Trekking is widely recognized for having created one of North America’s oldest and most distinctive backcountry hut systems, Sun Valley Mountain Huts. Our six huts provide access to phenomenal ski, trek, and mountain bike opportunities in the wilds Idaho. Our guests, whether on a guided tour with Sun Valley Guides or an unguided hut stay come back frequently to experience the joys and rewards of mountain adventure.

For over 35 years, our team of mountain guides have discovered the ultimate locations for hut sites and created unique structures for cozy mountain dwellings.

Sun Valley Mountain Huts are handcrafted with materials sourced on site, building with native pine, milling boards by hand and using what the mountains provide to craft unique comfy shelters. Simple, rustic, elegant design provides everything you need and nothing you don’t.  The wild setting is your playground and your group provides the stoke.

The Sun Valley Mountain Huts provide a base camp for mountain adventures and also serve as a unique classroom for many different outdoor and environmental education programs. Choose a guided tour with partners at Sun Valley Guides or choose a do-it-yourself adventure.  Our mission is to inspire the human spirit through adventure and exploration. Come explore the phenomenal experience of a backcountry hut trip deep in the wilds of Idaho! #puremountainstoke


Six backcountry huts in three different mountain ranges in the wilds of Idaho.

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Doesn’t get better than the SVT Huts! I’ll be back for another trip soon.
— CJ
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