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Pioneer Yurt sits on the edge of a lovely alpine meadow with the flowing Hyndman Creek nearby and wonderful views and ski lines everywhere. The yurt serves as the gateway to skiing in the heart of this dramatic range. Terrain surrounding the yurt includes large open bowls, rugged peaks, and rolling meadows. Pioneer Yurt has opportunities for those seeking a touring experience, or when conditions permit, to ski the steep and deep. The mountains surrounding the Pioneer Yurt are ideal for ski mountaineering. Big verticle relief on shapely alpine peaks up to 12,000’ with stunning ascent and descent lines. A ski mountaineer’s nirvana! The Pioneer Yurt is a 24 ’ diameter yurt that sleeps up to 16 people and has all the comforts you have come to expect from a cozy SVT backcountry hut: full kitchen, bunks with pads, wood and propane stoves, solar-powered lanterns and speaker, library, and a great wood fired Sauna! We approach Pioneer Yurt via Hyndman Creek off the East Fork of the Big Wood River. The ski into the yurt is roughly 6 miles and gains about 2000’ in elevation. The trip can be done in four to six hours by an average group of skiers.  The area around the yurt is closed to snowmobiles before March 15th.  Up until March 15, snowmobiles may be used to approach the first 5 miles to the yurt and after March 15th, may be used to get right to the yurt. You can hire a snowmobile to tow skiers on the 1st 5 miles or a porter to carry up your provisions to the yurt.  There are options to be helicopter dropped at the yurt as well.


The minimum rate of $400/night applies for up to eight guests, $50 for each additional person. Additional kids from six to twelve are $25/night. It is required that at least one member of your group be familiar with the route, access and correct hut operations. If this is your first visit to the Pioneer Yurt, we require a Hut Rental Guide ($300) to accompany your party on Day One. The guide will lead your group to the hut and orient you to the facilities and how they function before leaving you to pursue your own personal skiing for the remainder of your stay.


Sun Valley Mountain Huts provides porter ($225), snowmobile/cargo tow ($400-$600) and Hut Rent Guide services to make your life easier. Please visit the Services page for additional details. Would you like a ski guide for the duration of your trip? Learn about our partner guide outfitter here.


Sun Valley Mountain Huts

Pioneer Yurt


Know Before You Go

We’d like you to have a phenomenal experience while staying at our huts! Good preparation before your trip will make the difference between an amazing adventure or an ‘epic’ one. If you choosing not to hire a professional guide you are entirely responsible for yourself and group. Please check out our web-page: How to Prepare for your Hut Trip to assist in the planning process. Additional resources you should use include : Closest Avalanche Forecast: Pioneer Yurt and Weather Forecast: Pioneer Yurt. Please be sure that everyone in your group reviews the information and links found on this page. Each participant is required to fill out the online release form prior to departure. You can find useful additional resources on our Links Page including weather models, webcams and weather station links.

Let us know if you have any questions and have a great trip!


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