Sun Valley Mountain Huts

Snowmobile services


Snowmobile cargo and tow services

Snowmobile cargo & tow services are popular options at Tornak, Coyote and Pioneer Yurts. Please see the options for each hut below or call or e-mail us for details.

SVT can provide snowmobile cargo runs to Tornak and Pioneer Yurts (dependent on conditions-please see notes below). The snowmobile can haul a load of around 200lbs. in our large cargo sled.   

SVT can provide a skier tow service for the approaches to Coyote, Pioneer, Bench and Fishhook Huts.  These tow services do not take skiers to the door of the huts and still require skiers to ski a portion of each approach (please see notes for each hut below).  

For Coyote Yurt: We can tow gear or skiers in the first 4 miles, to the base of the skin track. People have found this greatly improves their ski experience into Coyote, our highest and most remote hut, even though they still have to carry all their stuff up on their backs. It saves about 1.5 hours of skinning with the packs. 

For Tornak Hut we can provide a cargo service, if the conditions of the day allow.  No tow service is available for Tornak Hut.  If it has stormed recently, you will want to be prepared for the case that the snow machine can not make it up to the hut.  Discuss an alternative plan with us if it looks like the weather may move in before your trip.

For Pioneer Yurt it is possible to snowmobile gear or tow skiers the first 5 miles of the route.  Before March 15, it is not possible to snowmobile the gear the final mile up to the hut, so people need to be prepared to shoulder their gear in backpacks for the final mile, gaining about 800 ft, or hire a porter.  After March 15th, it is possible to snowmobile up to Pioneer Yurt, but no tows of skiers on the final mile (its too steep!).

For Bench and Fishhook Huts it is possible to hire a snowmobile cargo or skier tow for only the 1st 1.8 miles.  Beyond this point, snowmobiles are not allowed.

Snowmobile RATES

Snowmobile Tow: $400 for up to 6 people ($500 for 7-12 people)($600 for 13-18 people)

Snowmobile Cargo: $400 for first trip - each additional trip $100

Snowmobile Tow + Hut Rent Guide Combo (Coyote, Fishhook, Bench and Pioneer only): $550 up to 12 people ($900 13-18 people)

Snowmobile Tow + Hut Rent Guide + Porter (Coyote, Fishhook, Bench and Pioneer only): $600 up to 12 people ($950 13-18 people)

Snowmobile + Porter Combo (Coyote, Fishhook, Bench and Pioneer only): $550 up to 12 people ($650 13-18 people)


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