We are Ready For Winter!

It’s been an autumn to remember here in the mountains surrounding our Sun Valley home. Cool, crisp evenings followed by blue sky days stacked up throughout the months of September and October. The foliage was nothing short of stunning and we were often stopped in our tracks while working at the huts to just take all the beauty in. Like the mountain squirrels, these are our busy months of preparation for the long winter ahead, gathering the firewood, completing improvement projects and stocking the 6 mountain huts. Improvements of note for the coming season include: a new roof reinforced structure at the Bench Hut (thanks to the help from the Community School Juniors!), a new outhouse at the Pioneer Yurt, continuing improvements on the Fishhook Yurt hot tub, a new deck structure at the Tornak Hut, new insulation on the Coyote Yurts and a nice aesthetic face-lift on the Boulder Yurts including the installation of a pellet burning stove in the kitchen yurt. We are excited to try this pellet attachment this season which allows you to burn either pellets (for the long steady overnight heat) or wood (for the fast hot heat). Please give us your feedback on this design and it’s functionality. If we like it, we will install more at the different huts.

We finished the autumn season with a party at the Boulder Yurts to welcome the coming of winter. Ullr was praised with burning skis, loud howls and much stoke for change of the seasons. We look forward to the good times ahead for the groups visiting the Sun Valley Mountain Huts this winter and the great memories that will be made deep in the Idaho backcountry! Endeavor and Enjoy!

Francie St.Onge