Sun Valley Trekking Partners

Guided Packages

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Guided Services

Sun Valley Trekking works in partnership with Sun Valley Guides to provide guide services for all the Sun Valley Mountain Huts.  Professional mountain guides deliver the highest quality Backcountry Skiing, Trekking and Mountain Biking experiences at our various huts.  Please inquire directly with Sun Valley Guides for guided hut trips, day trips, educational classes and expedition inquiries. 

For our longtime guests who know our guides from Sun Valley Trekking, rest assured!  We have recently evolved our operations and now run the guiding services under the Sun Valley Guides designation. Your trusted and professional guides remain (including SVT owners Joe and Francie St.Onge) and we will continue to craft phenomenal adventures for you in the backcountry. Click here to see our familiar and experienced guide team and find out more about our evolution.